The Wonkey Donkey® is the new lifestyle brand that celebrates the enduring fraternity that is guy bonding. As an up and coming brand, there are some measures that need to be taken in order to get our name and brand out of the shadows. We want to take our brand to campuses across the country and get the word out about The Wonkey Donkey.

This is where we will need your help… As a WD Brand Ambassador, you will be the face of our brand at your particular campus. 

Here is how it works…

You showcase the brand around campus (as well as your clean laundry will allow), wearing the clothes, using the accessories and games, talking about the brand, and showing how to buy it with your *BA# (app/site on your phone), weekly posts on all social media channels, and maybe even throw a Wonkey Donkey themed party.

What’s in it for you? If chosen - You will be assigned a WD *Brand Ambassador number. Friends and relatives will refer to this on their orders to receive either FREE Shipping or an additional 10% off their order. When they reference your BA# number, you will also be credited with a 10% commission on their order. Total commissions will be tracked by your number and paid monthly. Customer must enter your BA# on their order to be eligible for commission.

If you are chosen to be a Wonkey Donkey Brand Ambassador, there are two levels that you can choose.

Level 1

You’ll receive a free WD T-Shirt to wear around campus.

Level 2

To help put as much Wonkey Donkey gear in your hands and on your back, to help you look good and sell, you will be allowed to enter an initial, one-time order of up to $500, where a 50% discount will be applied to all apparel and accessories, and a 25% discount will be applied to the WD Big Ass Cooler, WD ProTour Corn-Hole game, and the WD Varsity Pong table…basically at our cost.

After the initial order and you are an established WD Brand Ambassador, a monitored “Personal Use Discount” program will be established.

If you feel you may be Wonkey Donkey material with the potential to make some extra dough at school as a Wonkey Donkey Brand Ambassador, fill out the application below. If we agree, we’ll contact you for an interview.